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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)


Do I have to send my child back?

This is mandatory and all children are expected to attend school. This means that the usual rules on school attendance will apply. If a bubble closes and you have a sibling in school, the sibling will still be expected to attend unless the child isolating displays symptoms in which case please follow Government guidance and arrange for a COVID test.


What is a bubble?

A bubble is a group of children (and their adults) who will stay together throughout the day. Each bubble will stay separate to the other bubbles in school as much as possible. The bubbles from September will be year group bubbles allowing children to interact with peers across the year group during break and lunch times. For the majority of the day the children will stay in their classrooms with the children and adults within their class.


Does my child have to wear school uniform?

Your child will need to come in wearing their normal school uniform and will need their PE kit. Details of the school uniform can be found here:

Due to extra ventilation in the colder winter months, please make sure your child wears enough layers to keep warm. We suggest a vest, making sure your child has a jumper/cardigan and an appropriate coat for the season.

On PE days, children will be asked to attend school wearing their PE kit. This is to reduce the risk of contamination through mixed up clothes and prevent the need for adults to support children who need support dressing or undressing. One these days children should wear a T-shirt in their house colour, dark shorts and trainers. Children could wear their school jumper with this or on colder days a plain (unbranded), dark coloured tracksuit.


Which days will my child have PE?

Details of PE days will be issued before the start of each new term.


What measures have the school put in place?

We have adopted a full and comprehensive risk assessment based on Government and Local Authority guidance to try and reduce the risk of transmission. The full risk assessment is published at the top of this page outlining the full measures we are taking.


The measures include: -

  • cleaning hands more often than usual. This will include washing hands on entry to the school, after being outside, before and after break and lunchtime, before and after eating, after sneezing or coughing, before coming home and of course on every toilet visit. ‘Steps of Hand Washing’ posters are displayed in each toilet with the 20 second rule.
  • Staff will wear masks whenever they are outside of their bubbles including when supporting in another year group, in communal areas and on the gate at the start and end of the day.
  • hand sanitisers provided in all classrooms and around the school
  • cleaning frequently touched surfaces – this will be at lunch break and at the end of every day with additional contracted hours for cleaning during the school day
  • cleaning and/ or quarantining of resources between use including reading books
  • removal of all soft furnishings from classrooms
  • individual stationary for every child labelled and stored on their own desk
  • minimising contact and mixing by having staggered drop off and pick up times


Will there be any changes to expected behaviour?

Our current Behaviour Policy will still be in place. Posters are displayed in the classroom and around the school and will be shared with the pupils in September.

We have also included the addendum below to our current Behaviour Policy.


Addendum in light of Covid-19

If for any reason there is evidence to suggest a child is deemed to be deliberately increasing the risk of transmission or contraction of COVID 19, we withhold the right to ask the child to stay at home for a period of time as directed by the Head Teacher.

Approved by Chair of Governors action 21st May 2020

We will also be reminding pupils of hand washing expectations.


Will the children be required to wear a mask (face-covering)?

Children do not need to wear a mask in school. If you travel to school via public transport, children should remove or dispose of their mask before entering school.


What will the procedure be in the morning when dropping my child off?

We would ask parents to adhere to the social distancing rules prior to their arrival at the school gates please.

Entrance to the school will be via Wrotham Road only. Once you enter the site you will follow the one-way system dropping your child at the specific drop off point for their year group. Each point will be clearly sign posted with staff on hand to help.

Families with surnames beginning with letters A-I can drop their children at school between 8:35am and 8:45am.

Families with surnames beginning with letters J-Z can drop their children at school between 8:45am and 8:55am.

This is to prevent all families arriving at the same time and social distancing being compromised.


If I forget something can I bring it later?

No, you will not be able to drop any items into the office. We want to limit the contact with the office, and only ask you to collect your child during the day if it is an emergency.


If my child hurts themselves will there be First Aid?

This will continue as before. You will receive a slip, or you will receive a phone call if necessary or someone will speak to you at pick up.

Staff administering this will be wearing PPE.


Where will my child be taught?

All children will be taught in their normal classrooms. The ‘bubble’ concept will now be applied to a year group as a whole. The Government advice allows a year group bubble to be taught as an entity and we will still aim to minimise contact between individuals in this bubble.


Who will be teaching my child?

The children will be taught by their normal class teacher. Each class teacher will have their normal PPA time (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) which will be covered by either Mrs Elliot, Mrs Wilby or Mr Hale who will be wearing a face-covering.


What will my child be learning?

We will be teaching an ambitious and broad and balanced curriculum in all subjects from the start of the autumn term and creating time to cover the most important missed content. We will also be focusing on support children’s well-being as they settle back into school and the new ‘normal’.


Will my child’s work be marked?

Children’s work will be marked as normal.


What will my child need to bring?

Based on the guidelines we have organised individual packs of stationery for each child. Your child will be provided with a transparent pencil case with all essential items. These will be named and used only by your child. Please can you provide your child with a set of colouring pencils/pens which they can keep in this pencil case.

Here are some links to some good quality colouring pencils recommended by our Art leader:

Bic triangular colouring pencils 12 for £3.99

Staedtler box of 12 £2.99

Bags can be brought in as normal, but we ask they only contain items necessary for school; as can a named water bottle, breaktime snack and coat.

Reading books can be sent to and from school as normal. On return the books will be left in quarantine for 48 hours before going back in to use.

Please can you return any school reading books your child has had over the lockdown period.


Will meals be provided by the school kitchen?

The school kitchen will be open as normal and will be providing hot meals again. We have devised a timetable to enable each year group ‘bubble’ to be in the hall to do this. At any one time there will be 2 year group ‘bubbles’ in the hall with social distancing between them.

For those pupils who are Free School Meals these will be provided free of charge as normal

If your child wishes to bring their own lunch, then this of course will be permitted.

The school kitchen will be sending information out about school meals separately.


How will my child’s day be organised?

The children will be organised into year group bubbles and taught within their normal classrooms.

The children will stay in their ‘class/year group bubble’ for the duration of the day. The lessons will be taught in their bubble and any assemblies will be in their bubble maintaining the social distance.

At break time the children will have designated zones they will be allocated to with equipment specific to their group.

Lunch – the children will stay in their year group ‘bubbles’ and have a timetable where they spend part of their lunch break in the hall and part of this time in their designated play zone.


What will the procedure be in the afternoon when picking my child up?

The procedure for pick-up will be the same as dropping off your child. You will enter via the Wrotham Road gate and move through the one-way system to collect your child/children. Instead of time slots allocated by surname we have one slightly longer time slot for all families at pick-up time: 3:10pm-3:25pm. We ask that parents maintain a social distance from other families whilst moving though this system and leave the school site as soon as they have collected their children.


Will you be offering extended school provision through Premier Sport?

Premier Sport are providing the wraparound care at the beginning and end of the day and will send information out directly to parents.


What are you putting in place to support my child’s wellbeing?

One of the key focuses for the school is supporting children’s well-being as they return to school.

Of course, at this time children and adults may be anxious and we want to ensure these anxieties are minimised as much as possible and children are able to have the chance to talk and share their emotions. Time will be taken during the first few days to support children in understanding the procedures in place and reinforcing behaviour expectations.

The staff have been trained on managing this and we all recognise the importance of mental health and the impact the lockdown may have had on this.

Another measure we have in place is the use of our Pupil Counsellor, Mrs Richardson who is with us every Monday. There will be an appointment system in place to talk to her.

Please do inform us of any changes to your circumstances at home, which may affect your child at school.


What will happen if a child presents with Covid symptoms in school?

Children showing symptoms will be isolated in the in the Silver Birch room until an adult can collect them. We have two other areas for quarantining children should there be more than one child showing symptoms at a time.

Adults must collect promptly to minimise the potential spread of germs.

A child cannot return to school until a negative test result has been received or in the case of a positive test, the isolation period has been completed.


If a child shows symptoms and is sent home, we will inform the parents of children in that bubble and further inform them once the test result is received. We will expect the family to follow the isolation rules to keep our community safe.

in the event of a full bubble closure, all children and staff in that bubble will be quarantined in the Oak Hall space and will leave the site from the car park gates adjacent to PlayPen.

Further information from the UK Government:

Information for parents provided by the Government on opening education settings during the Coronavirus outbreak can be found at the link below:

Do you have a question?

If you have a question about attendance during the COVID-19 pandemic, please use the form below to send it to us. We will either contact you directly or add your question and the answer to this page.