What is Mathletics?

Each child at Meopham Community Academy, from Reception to Year 6, has free access to Mathletics, a web-based learning platform specifically for maths. Used by 5 million children across the globe, Mathletics is designed to provide students with a captivating and safe learning experience.

The Mathletics platform combines targeted and adaptive curriculum content, structured and interactive support, with engaging gaming and rewards – all aligned to the requirements of the UK’s key primary maths curricula.

Weekly Mathletics Awards

The school monitors Mathletics results across the whole school and recognises the best performing class and individuals in Mathletics. The children enjoy the competition and we feel it encourages the children here at Meopham to practise their maths even more! The points the children's efforts generate are publicised in our whole school Achievement Assembly every Friday morning. They are also posted weekly in our 'Latest News' on Mondays

Mathletics Awards 11th-17th March 2019

18th March, 2019

Meopham Community Academy’s Weekly Accelerated Reader Awards

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Login to Mathletics

This link will take you to the Mathletics website where, using their login (supplied in their contact book), you can keep track of your child's progress.

Every Monday, many of our teacher's will set several Mathletics homework tasks for the children to complete. These have to be completed before your child can continue using all the features of Mathletics and benefiting further from the many fun games and activities that are available such as Live Mathletics.

If your child forgets their Mathletics password, please use your child's contact book to request a reminder for the class teacher.   

Problems with Flash Player and Mathletics?

Some parts of Mathletics are built using software called Flash – a piece of technology that enables us to deliver our rich and dynamic content online.

Almost all modern computers, both PC & Mac, will come with a Flash player pre-installed, meaning users will be able to access 3P Learning resources without any problem at all. Occasionally, Adobe – the makers of Flash – release updates to the software to allow for even more features. Mathletics is continually updated so it is very important to ensure that your computer has the most up to date version of Flash and that it is enabled correctly.

For technical support with Mathletics and Flash issues, please follow the link below:

Mathletics and Flash Technical Support