Values & Ethos

Values and Valuing

Meopham Community Academy Ethos

Our ethos as a community school and the values we share, promote the development of children, staff and governors and, with the support of parents, underpin the academic attainment and achievement of children and the well-being of the whole community.

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Be healthy
Stay safe
Enjoy and achieve
Make a positive contribution
Achieve economic well-being

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Successful learner
Confident individual
Responsible Citizen

At Meopham Community Academy we seek to:

Value every individual acknowledging their uniqueness and their different skills and attributes

Work with every child and their family to ensure that their learning needs are met and that they achieve the highest standards possible

Provide wide-ranging opportunities to support every child’s all-round personal development, including their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development

Encourage every individual to have high aspirations, recognising their own potential and supporting others in achieving theirs.

Therefore we will:

Respect each individual as a unique being accepted as part of our diverse school community where we promote life choices which support the health and well-being of the individual

Endeavour to provide a safe and secure environment in which not only are our pupils and staff safe and secure but they also feel safe and secure. This will include fostering respect for self, other children and adults, and the world around us (e.g. animals and the environment)

Provide wide-ranging academic and personal development opportunities that encourages each individual to enjoy and achieve and be their best

Develop skills, attributes and capacities that helps pupils and staff recognise their rights and responsibilities as younger members of society (school, local, national and global) and help them to act upon those rights and responsibilities and so make a positive contribution to the lives of others

Provide opportunities for pupils to develop high aspirations and make informed decisions and life choices

We want our children to have essential knowledge and understanding of:

Knowledge and Understanding of the world
Communication, Language and literacy
Science, technology and computing

In support of this we provide a balanced and broadly based curriculum that prepares our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. We want our children to be and become:

Confident and independent in learning and in life
Understanding of the diversity of people in communities
Positive in their attitudes to learning
Respected members of the community - being respectful and gaining respect.

Our ethos contributes to our children’s skills, attributes and values development, personal development and behaviour – promoting:

Thinking and questioning
Generalising understanding to new learning
Attributes of honesty, empathy, tolerance and resilience

The curriculum we provide, the way children learn and the way we teach contribute to developing values through:

Creative teaching
Cross-curricular, multi-sensory learning
Accommodating individual learning styles
Consideration of individual learning needs
Developing relationships
Consideration of other people’s point of view

Wider and extra-curricular opportunities support the development of all our children, providing opportunities to attempt new activities, encouraging commitment and broadening interests through enrichment activities – visits and visitors.