At the end of March 2019, the school’s Mathletics subscription expired and we have decided as a school that we will not be renewing the subscription as it is not in line with the school’s Mathematics Policy.

We know many children enjoyed the Live Mathletics games, however, the introduction of Timestable Rock Stars has proved very popular as a way for children to develop their rapid recall of multiplication facts.  This is currently running in KS2 and will soon be introduced to Year 2.

In addition, there are a number of links to interactive games and resources on the school website which will support children in developing their knowledge and recall of number facts and other mathematical concepts. There are games and resources suitable for all pupils from EYFS to Year 6; these can be found on the Maths section of the school website as well as on each year group’s webpage.

To replace Mathletics, we have now implemented the use of My Maths for Years 1-6, both in school and as a home learning tool.  My Maths allows the children to access both practice questions and lessons which will provide them with reminders of concepts or help if necessary.

Visit the MyMaths webpage - you will find it under 'Information--->Parent Information' from the main website menu


Miss Dean, Mathematics Subject Leader