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Online Safety – Gaming and App Guides

Dear parents,

As a busy school we are very aware of the fast moving nature of technology and the importance of teaching our pupils about how to keep safe online. As an educational setting we have a Duty of Care to keep children safe when using online resources in school. We are also very aware of the role that we can play in supporting you, as parents, with an understanding and application of how to support your children when they explore the internet at home.


In addition to the copy of Digital Parenting magazine we issued in Term 3, we would like to remind you of our online safety resources available on the school website. We would like to point you in the direction of our Online Safety Poster guides covering some of the most popular online games and apps aimed at children and young people. The posters highlight key in-game/app features that you should know about. Take a read and perhaps use these as discussion starters with your children. The games and apps we have featured include Fortnite, Tik Tok, House Party, WhatsApp, Snapchat, FIFA and Roblox.


Mr Gilby, Website Administrator