Board of Governors

Governors come from a variety of different backgrounds, reflecting the many interest groups in the school, but they have one important thing in common: they are dedicated to ensuring that the children in our school have the best education possible. This is the primary focus of all governors.

A school's governing body comprises of: Parent Governors (PG); Staff Governors (SG); and Community Governors (CG). The full governing body usually meets four times a year, with additional meetings called when necessary.

Becoming a Parent Governor is open to all parents or carers of children within the school. When a vacancy arises, elections are held to select a new governor, who would be in office for four years. Support and training is available for all new governors.

The Local Governing Body (LGB) at Meopham Community Academy has a wide range of experience, knowledge and competency working effectively in teams making corporate decisions.

The LGB's role is to exercise leadership on behalf of The Pathway Academy Trust in the running of an individual school, to hold the school's Senior Leadership Team to account on the operation and performance of the school and to exercise its responsibilities and powers in partnership with the Headteacher, staff, and the Trust's Directors.


The Local Governing Body at Meopham Community Academy (2018-2019)

Governor CategoriesName (end of office)
Co-opted GovernorsMr A Sharrod (November 2019)
Mrs T Dunk (November 2019)
Mrs J Herod (November 2019)
Mr D Angus (November 2019)
Parent GovernorsMr I Knowles (December 2021)
Ms E Green (May 2020)
Mr J Fotheringham (May 2020)
Mrs S Barrett (June 2021)
Staff GovernorsMiss R Nicholson
Mr P Hale (December 2019)
Mrs S Jarvis (March 2021)

Within the Governing Body there are several areas of responsibility

Role of the GovernorPerson Responsible   Responsibility
Chair of GovernorsMr A SharrodLead the Governing Body & ensure that it fulfils its statutory responsibilities.
Vice-ChairMrs J HerodAct as the Chair when the Chair is unavailable. Chairs and Vice-Chairs decide themselves how the workload is divided between them according to individual areas of interest.
Inclusion GovernorMrs J HerodWork with the Academy's SENCo (Mrs H Parke) and ensures the Governing Body is aware of, and fulfils its responsibilities for additional education, as required by the Government.
Early Years GovernorMrs T Dunk
Liaises with the early years staff, monitoring how early years pupils settle into school and that the early years curriculum is developed appropriately.
Safeguarding GovernorMrs E GreenLiaises with the designated Safeguarding Lead (Miss R Nicholson) responsible for safeguarding and to monitor all statutory measures are in place and implemented appropriately.
ClerkMrs T BarnbyConvenes and minutes meetings and should also advise the governors on constitutional issues, statutory duties and powers.

In addition to these individual roles, governors work within teams. These teams meet three times a year, feeding back to the full governing body at their meeting:

Sub GroupsName
Finance and Staffing CommitteeMr D Jayaprakash (Chair)
Mr A Sharrod
Mr D Angus
Miss R Nicholson
Buildings Sub CommitteeMiss R Nicholson
Mrs S Jarvis
Mr I Knowles
Pay Sub CommitteeMr D Angus
Mr D Jayaprakash
Pupils & Curriculum Sub CommitteeMr J Fotheringham (Chair)
Mrs J Herod
Miss R Nicholson
Mr P Hale
Mrs E Green
Mrs T Dunk

Each governor is linked to a staff team. They attend team meetings when possible and feed back to the governing body. This also includes monitoring visits to the Academy, including observing lessons, and attending assemblies.

Teams SubjectTeam Member
Core Skills 1 English
Additional Educational Needs (AEN)
Mr D Jayaprakash
Core Skills 2Science
Computing and Online Safety
More Able Pupils
Academy in the Community
Mr J Fotheringham
Foundation SkillsArt
Physical Education
Design and Technology
Social, Moral, Spiritual and CulturalPersonal, Social and Health Education
Modern Foreign Language
Religious Education
Academy in the Community
Mr D Angus

Minutes of, and papers considered at, meeting of the governing board and its committees available on request.