Eco Warriors

Our Eco Warriors and WOW Monitors

  • To raise awareness about sustainability
  • To encourage all members of Meopham Community Academy to be respectful citizens by recycling, saving energy, conserving resources and caring for the environment.
  • To teach all members of Meopham Community Academy to have good habits for the future by valuing themselves and our environment.
  • To attend regular Eco meetings to discuss being a GREEN school.
  • To feedback during class assembly
  • We have two representatives per class in our Eco Warrior team. These representatives (one girl and one boy) are elected each year by their classmates.
  • We elect a Chairperson and Secretary from our Year 6 pupils. Our new chairpersons will be announced in September 2017.


  • We are split into three groups - Recycle Detectives, Waste Watchers and Energy Enforcers.
  • Teaching your class how to use the green and red recycle bins in your class.
  • Ensuring the correct use of the recycle bin in class.
  • Checking taps in the school have been turned off.
  • Advising children to reduce waste in the toilets for example: water, soap and blue paper towels.
  • Checking resources are not being wasted for example: pens, glue, rulers and paper. 
  • Checking that lights around school are switched off if it is not needed.
  • Ensuring that the projector for powering the Smart board is turned off if not in use.
  • Closing the classroom door after exiting.
  • Shutting outside door when leaving the classroom.
  • Making sure windows are closed at the end of the day.


  • Each term our Year 4 pupils take it in-turns to be daily litter pickers across our lunchtime sessions. The children cover all outside areas in the school.
  • This activity raises the children's awareness of caring for our environment and promotes responsible citizenship.

Thanks to all new volunteers and thanks to the old ones! It certainly does make a difference. 

Mrs Clarke and Miss Bloor, Eco-Warrior Co-ordinators


Meopham Pupils Keep Kent Clean

During the morning of Friday 22nd March the Key Stage 2 Eco-Warriors and Pupil Council members walked to Camer Park to take part in a 'Litter Pick'. This activity was kindly organised by Mr Goodwin, a member of the School's Parent Council, in partnership with Gravesham Council and the 'Keep Kent Clean' campaign. Miss Jarvis from Gravesham Council's Leisure Department provided the children with all the equipment the children needed to blitz the rubbish floating around Camer Park. This was the first event of Gravesham's 'Keep Kent Clean' campaign. .

Despite their being lots of litter bins and dog waste bins dotted all over Camer Park, we found too much unnecessary waste scattered all over the park. We picked up a wide-variety of rubbish including discarded dog waste bags, crisp packets, black bin bags plastic and glass bottles.

We would like to say a big thank you to Mr Goodwin for arranging this and for Gravesham Council for supporting these worthwhile and necessary litter schemes.

To find out more about the 'Keep Kent Clean' campaign, visit the Kent County Council website here:

Kent County Council - Keep Kent Clean

For photos from the litter picking event check out the Eco Warrior photo gallery at the bottom of this page.

Miss Bloor, Link Teacher for Eco Schools

Keep Kent Clean Litter Pick March 2019 (5)
Keep Kent Clean Litter Pick March 2019 (12)
Keep Kent Clean Litter Pick March 2019 (4)

Big Battery Hunt 2019

The Big Battery Hunt is back for its second year and Meopham Community Academy are taking part!

Once we book a collection for the batteries that we are collecting, our school will be automatically entered in to the Big Battery Hunt prize draw. By recycling as many batteries as possible our school could win:

  • A 2-night class trip to the sustainability centre
  • A 3-year subscription to MyMaths worth £1,000
  • £2000 worth of school equipment vouchers
  • iPads
  • Certificates and trophies

Please send your boxes back to school by 18th May so we can arrange a collection. If you fill up a box simply ask the office for a new one!

If you and your parent wish to complete a variety of educational activities over half term all about batteries (including code-breaking and an investigation all around your home), please follow the link below and download the activity sheet.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Bloor, PSHCE Subject Leader

February 2019 Update

Our Big Battery Hunt is going really well so far this year. We have now filled our 'battery' that sits in our lobby and we will be arranging a collection and replacement bin ASAP! As you can see, we have had our keen Eco Warriors on the case who continue to deposit batteries that come in to the office on a regular basis. We would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents who are also collecting batteries at work: the competition is based on weight so this will help us lots.

Please keep them coming as our continued efforts could have a positive impact on our school as each collection puts an entry into the Big Battery Hunt prize draw (list of prizes above). REMEMBER: If you need more battery boxes, please ask at the office. 

Miss Bloor, PSHCE Subject Leader

Big Battery Hunt

National Walk To School Week 20th-24th May 2019

W2S 2019 logo
What will National Walk to School Week look like in our school?

Next week is National Walk To School Week 2019. This is an incentive to get children walking (or scooting) to school to help the environment, improve the safety of the surrounding roads of the school and getting children more active.

During the week we are encouraging the children to walk to school everyday and their class score will be collected. If you are not walking distance from the school, you can park at Bartellas or St John's Church and still be counted.

Tuesday 21st May 2019

Network Rail will be visiting the school to teach the children to be safe around railway lines. Each Key Stage will have an assembly tailored to their age. Year 5 will be participating in a 45 minute workshop.


Friday 24th May 2019 - Funky Shoe Friday

Children are encouraged to wear their funkiest shoes. A small donation (e.g. silver coin/£1 coin) would be greatly appreciated to help us to continue to improve our outside environment.

Home Learning

Each child will be bringing home a shoe template to create a funky shoe design. A winning design will be chosen from each class and a pair of funky shoe laces (see the photo below) will be awarded to the class winners.  I have provided a link to the competition details/template should you need to download any additional copies.

Funky Shoe Design Competition

Happy designing and I look forward to seeing all of your funky shoes on Friday 24th May!


Miss Bloor, PSHCE Subject Lead

no tie shoe laces

Walk On Wednesday (WOW)

What is Walk On Wednesday (WOW)?
    • Recently, the government have been raising awareness of children’s health through their NHS-backed Change4Life scheme – 'Eat Well, Move More, Live Longer' and through the introduction of the sugary drinks tax designed to reduce consumption of drinks with added sugar which have been linked to child obesity and poor dental heatlh. Further details of these recent government schemes can be found here

NHS Change4Life

wow sticker
How will WOW work?
  • The children who walk to school on Wednesdays will inform their teacher on Wednesday morning as they arrive in the classroom.
  • The number of walkers in each class will be counted by our Eco–Warriors and converted to a percentage of the total class.
  • All classes then have chance of winning a gold, silver or bronze certificate based on the percentage of walkers. These will be present in our Achievement Assembly every Monday. The results will be updated on a weekly basis and published on this page below as well as in our Latest News section.
WOW @ Meopham Community Academy
  • At Meopham Community Academy we would like to raise awareness amongst the children of the health benefits of being more active during their day. Having run the WOW scheme in the past as a school, we feel the scheme contributes well to increasing our children's mobility.
  • On Wednesday, we would also hope to see evidence of a reduction in traffic and parking congestion around the school gates as there would be less cars on the road. With this there would also be air-quality benefits around the school and localised area too.
  • As a school we successfully ran the WOW scheme in the past and it proved popular with the children. Infact, the scheme was so successful that in 2014 (with great effort and commitment from our then Year 6 pupils) we won the 'Top WOW Team Award in Gravesham 2014.'. Check out the award ceremony here
    KM Charity Team - Winners at Walk to School Awards
Which children will be counted as having 'walked'?
  • Children walking to school from home
  • Park-and-Stride - children driven to one of the car parks that school parents are authorised to use in the mornings and then walking the rest of the way to school. These car parks are Bartellas Restaurant car park and St John The Baptist Church Hall car park
  • Children who have ridden a scooter/bike/skateboard etc to the school gates. Please note - parents will need to take these home after school drop-off as, unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to store these items on the school grounds. Please also note that for everybody's safety scooters/bikes/skateboards etc are not to be used on school grounds.