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Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation at Meopham Community Academy

Within the Academy, we have a group of Year 6 pupils who volunteered for the role. These children are trained by Miss Nicholson to become our Peer Mediators.
What is Peer Mediation?
  • Children helping their peers to resolve conflicts by allowing them to act as mediators in a dispute.
  • The role empowers our children and develops their sense of community and co-operation.
  • Acting as mediators promotes young people's emotional and social skills and peer mediators report that it builds self-esteem and confidence. 
  • There are Peer Mediators on-duty each day during the lunchtime period and this ensures that if children are experiencing problems with friends and minor disputes, they can immediately seek support in order to resolve conflict.
Caring and teamwork
  • The peer mediation scheme provides a valuable addition to the caring community within the Academy, as well as giving those children trained, the valuable experience of organisation, operating as a team and working sensitively alongside others.


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