Playground Friends

Terms 1 and 2 2018 - 2019

Congratulations to the following children who have been selected by us to be playground friends for terms 2 and 3 2018-2019.

This group of Year 5 children have been given a number of important duties and their contribution to daily life at our school is highly-valued.

Mrs Martin, FLO / Pupil Support
Mrs Ring, Pupil Support

Mrs Martin & Mrs Ring

Pupil Support

  • Indiya T
  • Leah G
  • Lily C
  • Nicole W
  • Charlotte M
  • Grace WH
  • Frankie C
  • Jake A
  • Oliver H
  • Dominic F
  • Daniel B
  • Thomas H
  • Jack E
  • Helaina T
  • Sofia F
  • Amanda FM
  • Ava J
  • Hiba A
  • Iceni N
  • Aleah L

Playground Friend Duties

KS1 Duty - HALL
  • Help the younger children with opening their crisps and drinks or carrying their hot dinners.
  • The children are allowed to leave the hall at 12.20pm. They will put their hands up and you can let them go.
  • Play with the younger children (sensible games).
  • Check friendship benches; an adult may ask you to include someone in play or simply keep them company.
  • You may be asked by an adult to take our younger children to the toilet, water fountain or First Aid.
  • Check friendship benches regularly
  • Adults may ask you to include someone in other children's play or simply keep a child/children company.
  • When you go into lunch, you go up first with the privilege tables.
Gate Duty
  • Be at the gate at 8.35am
  • Walk younger children to their classroom if they need assistance.
  • When you walk with them why not to talk to them about something they enjoy doing or something they did at the weekend.