Achievement Awards

I would like to inform you of some changes that have been implemented this year in relation to achievement awards across the school. I have introduced more opportunities for the hard work, effort and achievement of our pupils to be recognised and celebrated.

Every Friday, we come together as a whole school during an assembly in the afternoon and celebrate those children within the school who have been nominated to receive a Headteacher Achievement Award.

Additionally, there is a whole school theme that the children are working towards across the school week. The children are informed of this whole school focus (e.g. good manners, positive start to the term etc.) during assembly time on Mondays. On Fridays, one child from each class is nominated by their class teacher and will receive a certificate in recognition of their achievement in the chosen theme. We will publish the names of these children on this page and in our fortnightly school newsletter so that our whole school community can celebrate with them.

I have introduced separate Key Stage Achievement Assemblies on Thursdays. Children in Years 1 and 2 come together to celebrate their achievements and children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 celebrate in a separate assembly. During these assemblies, class teachers present certificates to individuals or small groups of children who have really impressed them with their learning, conduct, behaviour, effort or achievements over the past week. By introducing these additional assemblies, more children will have the opportunity to be recognised for their hard work.

I will be continuing this year with my Headteacher Super Star Awards, spending one-to-one time with individual children celebrating the achievements that they have made. Any member of staff within school is able to nominate a child to receive one of my Super Star Awards and I really look forward to sharing their work and learning on a more personal level. Please do look out for one of my special stickers if your child has made a visit to my office during Super Star Time.

The newest members to our school, children in Starfish and Turtles classes, do not join the school for assembly time until later in the school year. They do however receive many rewards and recognition from the key staff working with them to ensure that their many achievements and successes are also celebrated. Children in Reception are able to be nominated for Headteacher Super Star Time and I always look forward to being able to personally share their achievements with them.

Miss Nicholson, Headteacher


Headteacher Achievement Awards

18th January, 2019

I very much look forward to being able to celebrate your children’s achievements with them over the coming weeks.

Our Achievers