Sport 2017-2018

  • New Ifield Cricket Tournament 2018

    27th June 2018

    On Friday 27th June seventeen pupils travelled to Ifield Cricket Club to participate in a local Kwik Cricket Tournament. 

    There were two teams - Meopham A and Meopham B made up of pupils from Year 5 and 6. 

    Both teams performed in a competitive, but sporting manner and represented the school impeccably. With a great team effort, Meopham A won the tournament and took the trophy with a winning margin of 21 runs against St Botolph's.

    Meopham B came 4th overall and the Year 5 pupils continue to learn lots about Kwik Cricket in preparation for the cricket season next academic year.  

    Everybody had a wonderful day and learnt a lot about playing cricket.

    We would like to say thank you thanks to all of the parents who came along and supported the teams.

  • Gravesham Kwik Cricket Tournament 2018

    15th June 2018

    On Friday 15th June a team of ten Year 5 and 6s travelled to the Bat and Ball ground Gravesend for the annual Kwik Cricket Tournament. The team played really well and won all their group games.

    Unfortunately in the Quarter Final match they lost narrowly. However, they won their last game to finish a creditable 6th out of thirteen. Everybody had a wonderful day and learnt a lot about playing cricket.

    We would like to say thank you thanks to all of the parents who came along and supported the team.

  • Year 5 and 6 Hockey - Kent Hockey Tournament, Gravesend

    12th June 2018

    On Tuesday 12th June, Mr Gilby took eight pupils from the Year 5 and 6 school hockey club to compete in the finals of the Kent Mini Hockey Tournament at Holcombe Hockey Club astroturf facility.

    We fielded a team largely made up of our Year 5 pupils as Year 6 were away at their residential in Ashford. They were placed in a group with four other teams from across Kent. The matches were close, but in the end we didn't make it into the finals and played Dartford for 10th/11th place. The game finished in a draw and we came 11th out of the 14 teams that entered. 

    The children played with great determination and represented the school impeccably. 

    We would also like to thank the parents that came along and gave their support to our team. 

    Take a look in the gallery for a photo of the teams. Well done everybody. 

  • Year 5 and 6 Hockey - Mini Hockey Tournament, Gravesend

    24th May 2018

    On Thursday 24th May, Mr Stevenson and Mr Gilby took fourteen pupils from the Year 5 and 6 school hockey club to complete a Mini Hockey Tournament at Gravesend Hockey Club astroturf facility that had previously been rained off back in March.

    We fielded two teams (one mixed and one boys) and they were placed into two separate leagues each containing another four schools from the Gravesham area. Following some great open play, super stick control and top team work, both of our teams won their opening matches with ease.

    Unfortunately, one of the schools had to leave early which meant that the boys team didn't play again. However, the mixed team, having won all of their matches without letting any goals in, reached the final and thrashed St Joseph's 4-0. They will now go on to represent the school in the Gravesham Area Hickey finals in June. 

    Take a look in the gallery for a photo of the teams. Well done everybody. 

  • Infant Agility Competition - Cobham Hall

    3rd May 2018

    On Thursday 3rd May, a team of ten pupils from Year 2 attended a Infant Agility Competition at Cobham Hall School.

    Everyone ran, jumped and threw and several competed in events for the first time in order to gain valuable points for the team.

    The challenges in the first session included hurdling, throwing / bowling, standing long jump and a bouncing activity. The final session was a series of races and we finished 2nd in this session. Great effort Year 2!

    At the end of the competition and overall, we came joint 9th. Although we didn’t win, our pupils performed to their best of their abilities and displayed great team work, resilience and determination. Well done to all.

    We would also like to thank the parents who gave up their time to accompany and support our pupils at this event. Your help is always greatly appreciated.

  • Year 5 and 6 Mixed Football - Easter 7s Competition

    24th March 2018

    On Saturday 24th March, the school took a mixed girls/boys team to the Easter 7s Competition, organised through the Gravesham Schools Primary Football Association. See below for the full report written by some of the players:

Easter 7s
  • Year 5 and 6 Netball - High 5 Netball Tournament Finals

    22nd March 2018

    After coming first in their group during the heats last week, our netball team took part in the High 5 finals which were held at Cobham Hall School for Girls. The competition was very strong and we played 4 matches during the final play-offs. We drew 2, lost 1 and won 1 match. After the points were tallied up, we came in 3rd. A total of 18 teams entered this tournament, so our team should be very proud of their achievement. Our team battled hard and played some amazing netball - very well done to Luke, Kieran, Erin, Lottie, Daisy, Poppy, Sophie and Zach.

  • Year 5 and 6 Netball - High 5 Netball Tournament

    15th March 2018

    On Thursday 15th March, two teams from Years 5 and 6 attended the High 5 Netball Tournament at Cobham Hall School for Girls.

    Both our teams were drawn in the same league of nine teams and each team played eight matches. There was plenty of exciting netball played and the children represented our school superbly.

    For many, it was their first taste of a competition atmosphere and everyone involved had a great morning. Meopham 2 did very well, coming 6th in the league. Meopham 1 came out as winners of the league and will now go forward to the finals of the High 5 Tournament being held shortly.

  • Year 5 and 6 Boys Football - Norris-Telling Shield

    8th February 2018

    On Thursday 8th February, the boys football team played a match in the Norris-Telling Shield competition against Copperfield Academy. See below for the full report written by the boys in Year 6: 

  • Year 5 and 6 Netball - U10s Festival

    26th January 2018

    On Friday 26th January, Mrs Johnson (Netball coach) accompanied our Year 5/6 netball team to the U10s Netball Festival at King's Rochester Sports Centre.

    Fourteen teams from local primary schools attended and we played six matches - winning four, losing one and drawing one. It was a fun and friendly tournament with no overall winner. Instead, qualities such as ambition, passion, resilience and work-rate were praised and encouraged.

    Our team, most of whom had never played a competitive match before, represented the school wonderfully showing all of these qualities.

    A fantastic afternoon of netball for all involved and many thanks to all the parents, friends and family who came to support us.

    See the gallery below for a photo of our team on the day.

  • Year 6 Boys Football - Norris-Telling Shield

    25th January 2018

    On Thursday 25th January, the boys football team played a match in the Norris Telling Shield cup competition against Cecil Road Primary School. See below for the full report written by three of our Year 6 boys:

  • Kent School Games Football Tournament - Girls Football

    20th January 2018

    On Saturday 20th January, Meopham Community Academy's girls football team took part in the Kent School Games Football Tournament held at Thamesmead Sports Club. See the full report written by the girls:

    On Saturday 20th January 2018 Hannah, Lois, Poppy, Ellie, Daisy, Hollie, Nessia, Lottie and Jessie arrived at Kent School Games Football Tournament at Thamesmead Sports Club. The weather wasn’t the best and it was pouring with rain!

    Our first match was against White Cliffs and although we tried our best they scored and we had lost 1-0.

    Our second game was against Brampton it was a tough match. Unfortunately Hollie took an injury to her knee and was carried off the pitch. It was a big setback. The whistle blew and we had drew 0-0.  

    Our third and final match was against St.peters  hollie and Nessia were off for the first half. We all played as well as we could but drew again 0-0.

    We would like to give our thanks to Miss Hyland and Miss Atack for giving up their Saturday to support us throughout the tournament. We couldn’t have got this far without them.

    We would also like to give a big thanks to Jessie’s dad for coaching us and Mr Stevenson for organising it. We all had so much fun.

    Congratulations to all the girls for an excellent team effort.

  • Gravesham Area Athletics Festival - Year 5 and 6

    11th January 2018

    On Thursday 11th January a team of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils , attended the Gravesham Schools Sportshall Athletics Festival at Cobham Hall, Cobham. See below for a report written by the children:

    On Thursday the 11th  of January Hannah, Lois, Lottie, Daisy, Hollie, Charlotte, Harrison, Oliver, Henry, Ben, Max and Josh arrived at Cobham hall, fit and ready.

    We started off with the girls’ obstacle relay. We were in the 4th heat against some very good teams. Lottie, Daisy, Charlotte and Hannah came second but that was a good start for Meopham.

     The boys were now ready to go and so we went into the waiting area ready to race. After a long wait, we were now up and after a lot of effort put in by the 4 boys; Ollie, Ben, Harrison and Henry we won and got 1st place.

    While the boys were doing the field events, Hannah and Hollie were getting ready for their next race, the 2*1 lap hurdles. We started off well and ended up 2nd again. This was still a good result for our team.

     While the boys were still doing their fielding activities, Hollie and Daisy were next to race and we were doing the 2*2 lap race. We did really well and once again we came second and the boys had done really well in the fielding too.

    The girls went away and Henry and Max prepared for the 2*1 lap hurdles. When we were called to race, we were ready to win. In the end we won even though it was very close. It was great was Meopham.

    While the girls were still doing their field activities, Josh and Ollie were getting ready for our next race, the 2*2 lap relay. When we got into our starting positions, we knew that we were going to win no matter what. We won that race and Meopham were in a good position now.

    Then the boys went back to the fielding events and Lottie and Lois got ready to do their next race, the 6 lap parlouf and it took a long time but when we got our turn we did really well and got second again.

    After the girls had done really well in their race and now were doing the fielding events it was Ben and Josh that were now ready to do the 6 lap parlouf ourselves. We made sure that we were ready and unbelievably we got 1st once again! This was great for Meopham.

     After that great win for Meopham we had very high spirits and so when Daisy, Hollie, Lois and Charlotte were getting ready for the under over relay we did really well and got second once again. It was going really well for Meopham.

    Next it was the boys turn to do the under over relay and it was Josh, Max, Henry and Harrison and we were not going to lose our winning streak for the boys. It was a great win and we were all extremely happy about it.

    Now was the last race for the girls, 4*1 lap relay and we really wanted to do really well in our last race. We did really well and with Meopham cheering, Charlotte, Hannah, Lois and Lottie came second once again. We did really well.

     Now it was the boys turn to do the 4*1 lap relay and if we won this then the boys wouldn’t have lost a race. We were doing really well and won that race and beat every other team. After that Mr Stevenson joined in the adults race and tried his best even though he lost. 

    Meopham came 5th overall out of the whole Gravesham area with a score 524 points the team were extremely pleased with that.

    Congratulations to all the children for an excellent team effort.

  • Boys Football Friendly vs. Copperfield Academy

    13th October 2017

    On Thursday 12th October, the Boys Football team played their first match of the season. It was a friendly organised by our school against Copperfield Academy.

    The match gave the boys a chance to play together as a team for the first time competitively this new academic year. Given that this was their fist game of the year, the boys played very well and ended up beating Copperfield Academy 8-2.

    Congratulations to all the boys for an excellent team effort and a well-deserved win.

  • Early Season 7s Tournament

    5th October 2017

    On Thursday 5th October the girl’s football team competed in the Early Season 7s Tournament. It was the first time the girls had played competitive matches as a team, but it didn't show as they confidently won the first game. The confidence continued throughout and saw the girls win all their group games to finish top. The winning streak didn't stop there and the girls continued with their excellent play through the quarter final, semi-final and final game to win the tournament without losing a game. 

    Congratulations to all the girls for an excellent team effort and a well-deserved win.

    The girls will now go on to represent Gravesham in the Kent schools tournament.

Sporting achievements in 2016-2017

  • Kwik Cricket Tournament

    20th June

    On Tuesday 20th June, in the bright sunshine, a team of year 5 and Year 6 children from Meopham Community Academy took part in the annual Gravesham District Kwik Cricket Tournament. It was held at the Bat and Ball cricket ground Gravesend.

    We played in a league of 11 schools and played 4 games. We won 3 games and lost one game, which gave us a total of 16 points: a very respectable score. Overall, we finished 4th on runs scored. We had a fantastic afternoon. Thanks to all the parents who came along to support and help. Well done Meopham!

  • Year 4 QuickSticks Gravesham Hockey Tournament

    25th May

    On Thursday 25th May 2017, a selection of Year 4 children represented the school in the Gravesham QuickSticks Hockey Tournament. The children were accompanied by Mr Webb and Mr Lee of Premier Education.

    Our team were the runners-up having made it all the way through to the final. We lost just 1-0 to St. Josephs who we had beaten 2-1 in a previous match on the way to the final. A super effort by all given the heat and the back-to-back games we played. Well done Meopham!

  • Year 5/Year 6 Netball Match - Friendly

    19th May

    A group of year 5/6 pupils competed against other schools in the Gravesham area. The team won and lost games, making their way to the semi-finals, where they were then knocked out.

  • KS1 Infant Agility Competition

    18th May

    On Thursday ten Year 1 and Year 2 children (five from each year group) represented our school at the Gravesham Infant Agility Competition at Legends, Gravesend.  Every child performed well with a variety of jumping, throwing, and bowling activities concluding with an obstacle race.  We came 4th out of 10 teams doing themselves, and the school, proud. Super effort!

  • Sevenoaks School Primary Cricket Tournament

    17th May

    On Friday 12th May, eleven children from Years 5 and 6 took part in the Sevenoaks School Primary Cricket Tournament. The team and I were lucky enough to meet retired Kent and England batsman Chris Tavare (husband of one of our ex-teachers Mrs Tavare!). We played in mixed teams using adapted cricket rules. We won two games and lost one to the eventual winners. We finished 3rd overall and everybody had a great time.

  • Norris-Telling Shield - Year 6 Football FINAL

    27th March

    On Monday 27th March the Year 6 Boy’s Football Team had the final of the Norris-Telling shield, against Shears Green.  With two excellent teams competing against each other, the game was going to be close.

    The first half was very tense with both teams playing well, but neither team could find a way past the goalkeepers especially Joe McManus who made some excellent saves.

    After half-time Meopham started the better team and got the goal they deserved through an excellent volley from Massi Perry to make the score 1-0.  The boys didn’t stop working hard and with some excellent play and got their second goal of the game with Jonny Mahoney scoring. However, Shears Green did come back into the game and scored a penalty to make it 2-1. The boys defended excellently and with the last kick of the game Joe made another unbelievable save to keep the score at 2-1 at the final whistle.

    We have now won the Norris-Telling Shield two years in a row! Congratulations to the boys on their excellent win and all their hard work!! Well Done Boys.

  • Year 5 Football Tournament

    25th March

    On Saturday 25th March the Year 5 boy’s football team had their first tournament together. These were the first matches the boys had played as a team and coming up against Year 6 children was always going to be tough. This was good experience for the boys and will put them in good stead for next year. Well done boys

  • High 5 Netball Festival

    15th March

    On Wednesday 15th March, our Year5/6 netball team attended the Gravesham 'High 5' Netball Festival held at Northfleet School for Girls. There were sixteen teams competing, split into two leagues. Meopham played brilliantly winning five out of seven matches and we progressed to the semi-final. It was a very exciting game which we won 2-0.
    The final, against St Joseph's, was next and, again, it was a close match ending 1-1 at the final whistle. The game went into extra-time where we were unlucky to lose.

    Our team proudly came away with Runners-Up medals and some great memories of a super day of netball. Well done.

  • Athletics - Indoor Athletics Tournament


    Congratulations to the year 5/6 boys and girls who competed in this year’s indoor athletics tournament. All the children showed great talent and worked extremely hard in all the events and despite being one person down, they finished in a respectable 8th place out of 16.

  • Football - Woodhead Girls' Shield


    The girl’s football team had their first cup match of the season and came up against Singlewell School. The game was very close and tense but Meopham started very well and took a deserved lead with a goal from Anna. However, Singlewell grew into the game and scored 2 goals to take a 2-1 lead and despite great effort from the Meopham girls they couldn’t find a way past the Singlewell Goalkeeper and the game finished 2-1. Although a loss is disappointing, all the girls should hold their heads high as for many of them it was their first ever football match. Well done girls!!

  • Gravesham Basketball Tournament

    8th December 2016

    On 8th December the Year 5 and 6 Basketball team attended the Gravesham Basketball Tournament. The team started off well winning 3 games, scoring 16 points in total with the stand-out game being a 8-2 win. The next 2 games ended as a draw against a strong St Johns team and an unfortunate loss against Wrotham Road. This saw the team finish in joint second in the group with Wrotham Road. However, as Wrotham Road had scored more points during the tournament they progressed into the semi-finals ahead of us. A promising start to the basketball team. Well done.  

  • Girl's Netball Friendly

    25th November

    On 25th November, the Year 6 Girl's Netball Team travelled to Yalding Primary School at the end of the school day. This was the first match the girls had played this year, but it didn't seem like it! What a great team effort it was and the result? 13-8 to Meopham. The girls represented the school in an excellent manner and the rest of the season looks promising!

Sporting achievements in 2015-2016

  • Boys Football Tournament

    26th September

    On 26 September, the boys took part in the Gravesham Tournament. The first match was a draw, with the boys going on to win the next 2 games 2-0 and 3-1 one player scoring 4 (including a first half hatrick). After topping the group, Meopham won the quarter final 2-0. The semi-final was against favourites Hartley and after the game finished 0-0 the teams went to extra time golden goal! Inside the first minute of extra time Hartley scored a free kick that even Meopham’s keeper could do nothing about! Meopham were extremely unlucky, but the boys represented the school in an excellent manner and the rest of the season looks promising!

  • Girls Football Tournament

    7th October

    On 7 October, the girls took part in the Gravesham Primary Schools Girls’ Football Tournament and won their first game 2-1.  The second game was won 5-0 and they went on to win the final two group games. In the semi-final they played against Shorne and won 6-0! The girls went on to play St John's in the final and won 1-0.

  • Year 5/6 Basketball Tournament

    1st December

    A group of year 5/6 pupils competed against other schools in the Gravesham area. The team won and lost games, making their way to the semi-finals, where they were then knocked out.

  • Girls Football Final competition

    16th January

    Following the football tournament in October, the girl’s team made it to the final competition on Saturday 16th January. The team played 3 matches in all. The first match was against St Faiths where the game was lost 2-1, despite a great goal from Hannah Cleary. The second game was against Oak Lodge where the oppositions keeper continually tipped shots over the bar, leading to a 1-0 loss for our team. The girls final game was against Loose where the girls had their first 1-0 win! Overall, the team came second in their group so didn’t make it through to the next stage in the competition.

  • Girls Football match

    5th February

    The girl’s team played in the quarter finals against Shear’s Green Primary School and won 7-0. They will now go on to play against Shorne Primary school in the semi finals week beg. 22nd Feb.

  • Cobham Hall Netball Tournament

    25th February

    The girls played 7 games and unfortunately only drew one, and lost the rest.

  • Year 6 mixed football match

    4th March

    A team of year 6 boys (and Ella Houghton) competed against St John’s and won 2-1, they will now go on to compete against Cecil Road Primary on Weds 23rd March. It is a home game.

  • Year 5/6 High Fives

    16th March

    Mrs Tavare took a group of children to the High Fives tournament, the team did not make the Semi Finals but they played very well as a team throughout the tournament!

  • Girls Final

    18th March

    The girls team won the cup!

  • Mixed Team Final

    23rd March

    The mixed team won the cup!

  • Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 Quick Sticks Festival

    20th April

    Both teams won the festival and will now represent the Academy in the Kent Schools Games on Tuesday 28th June!

  • Tag Rugby

    27th April

    The team made it through to the semi finals but unfortunately lost out to St John’s.

  • Year 3/4 Futsal

    4th May

    As all of the year 4 children were on the residential trip in Swattenden, our team was made up of year 3 children only – it didn’t matter though as they won the festival and have qualified for the Kent Schools Games!

  • Year 3/4 Athletics

    19th May

    A selection of year 3 and 4 children went to an athletics tournament ion May 19 at Legends Cascades. The team did incredibly well in the very popular festival to come in 2nd place overall! 

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