Did you know our value for Term 2 is 'Integrity'? Integrity is a strong sense of honesty. We could say for instance:

He showed great integrity when he refused to lie for his friend.

Can you remember what a value is? Can you remember the value of Term 1? If you can then give yourself a pat on the back!

At the beginning of Term 2, I will be posting a PowerPoint on our Values webpage (link below) all about 'Integrity'. Which of our other values link in to this? Why not have a think about this over half-term and see if you are right in Term 2?

I'll be looking both in school and from home learning over the course of Term 2 to see how we're getting on with this value.

For more information on our journey towards becoming a 'Values-based School', visit our 'Values' page here:


Mr Hale - Deputy Headteacher

Mr Hale

Deputy Headteacher of Meopham Community Academy