Did you know our value for Term 5 is 'Equality'?

Equality is:

  • understanding that everyone is different, but that we are all people;
  • knowing that everyone has the right to be treated fairly; and
  • treating others with respect.

Can you remember what a value is? Can you remember the value of Term 4? If you can then give yourself a pat on the back!

I have posted my Values video on our Values webpage (link below) and on our remote learning platform all about 'Equality'. Which of our other values link in to this? Why not have a think about this over the coming weeks and perhaps discuss this with your parents and/or friends?

I'll be looking both in school and from home learning over the course of Term 5 to see how we're getting on with this value.

For more information on our 'Values-based School', visit our 'Values' page here:


Mrs Sowden-Mehta, Headteacher

Mrs Sowden-Mehta

Headteacher of Meopham Community Academy