Did you know our value for Term 6 is 'Individuality'?

Can you remember what a value is? Can you remember the last 5 values of this term? If you can then give yourself a pat on the back!

Take a look at the PowerPoint on our Values webpage (link below) to see what being an individual is all about. How do the other values link in to this?

Being you is really important and at Meopham Community Academy we are all a team made up of individuals. What is it that makes you, you?

I'll be looking both in school and from home learning over the term to see how we're getting on with this value.

For more information on our journey towards becoming a 'Values-based School', visit our 'Values' page here:


Mr Hale - Acting Headteacher

Mr Hale

Acting Headteacher of Meopham Community Academy