Year 3 PE Tournament Cup

This term, Year 3 have been learning badminton skills. We can serve and we are beginning to use different defence and attacking shots to score points against our opponent. On Wednesday 5th December, the Giraffes and Koalas competed in a Badminton playoff to win the Year 3 PE Tournament Cup. Rory was selected to play for Giraffes and Leo played on behalf of the Koalas. It was a close game, which saw a few drop shots, smash shots and some great sportsmanship. Leo won the match, being the first to score 10 points. Congratulations to Koalas, who now have the PE cup for this term!

For a few photos of the action, please visit our Year 3 gallery on the Year 3 page.

Year 3

Miss Simiou and Miss Horton, Year 3 teachers