English Area

What is the 'English Area' ?

Hello. My name is Mrs Parke and one of my leadership responsibilities here at Meopham Comnunity Academy is as English Coordinator. My role could be summarised as follows:

  • To lead the teaching of English, in order to secure high quality teaching and learning and the effective use of resources to bring about improved standards of achievement for all pupils.

I am also charged with developing, implementing, monitoring and maintaining English teaching policies and practices which reflect the school’s commitment to high achievement and which are consistent with national and school strategies and policies.

I am able to initiate schemes of work that offer appropriate challenges to all pupils and, upon evaluation, demonstrate that they have been successful in enabling the pupils to make good progress.

This page will be used to advertise the reading and writing schemes that we use here at Meopham Community Academy to improve the attainment and progress of our pupils in English.


Mrs H Parke

Assistant Headteacher for KS2 / Joint English Leader

Reading Buddies

In Summer 2017 we introduced  'Reading Buddies'.

Year 6 children are partnered with pupils in Years 4 and 5. The older children are trained by myself to help their partner choose an appropriate book, read with them and discuss what they have read.

The aim of this initiative is to promote the enjoyment of reading and to develop good reading habits. The children are encouraged to choose a comfortable place to enjoy sharing books together.

The Year 6 children are all members of my 'Gold Readers' group (see below for more information).

Gold Readers

'Gold Readers' is an initiative which targets the most able readers in Year 6. The aim is to encourage the children to read and discuss a wide-range of genres and authors and develop higher-level reading skills.

They are given access to a selection of books chosen for their challenging  language and/or themes. These books are located on the 'Year 6 Gold Readers' golden shelf in the KS2 corridor and the children are able to choose books from here at any time.

The groups meet once a week in the Year 6 library.

Meopham School Reading Mentors

Reading Mentors are coming in from Meopham School on a weekly-basis to listen to readers in different classes at Meopham Community Academy. This will benefit our pupils in developing their reading skills and the students from Meopham School in helping develop their teaching skills. This is one of several projects that we have set up with our local secondary school.