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FOR CHILDREN Online Safety resources for children

Being online and using the internet is great fun. This part of our website is all about how you, with the help of your parents, can be careful when you go on the internet. We want to help you to know what to do if you see something you don’t like or if anyone is nasty to you and how you can be safer when you go online. With this knowledge, you and your friends can be safer online and have even more fun. The information here will make sure that you know what to do if you are ever scared or unhappy about something you see online.


If you feel upset about anything you have seen on the computer or if someone has done something online which makes you feel bad or funny inside – you need to tell your mum, dad or whoever looks after you at home. We take great care not to let this happen at school. But if you do accidentally see something on a computer in school that upsets you or doesn’t seem right, you need to tell your teacher straight away and show them what you saw. This way your teacher and the school can make sure it doesn’t happen again to you or any one else in our school.

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Online Safety Away from Meopham Community Academy

Pupils are encouraged to report concerns to a member of staff or a trusted adult at home. Where this is not possible, additional support can be accessed online via:

National Crime Agency Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (NCA-CEOP):