Science Area

What is the 'Science Area'?

Hello. My name is Mrs Connor and as well as being a class teacher in Year 4 I am also Science Subject Leader.

One of my responsibilities within this role is to oversee and guide how we teach and track pupil progress in science, one of the core subjects in the UK National Curriculum.

 School Science Policy Aims
  • To develop pupils’ curiosity, enjoyment and interest in science
  • To develop pupils’ understanding of key scientific concepts
  • To help pupils acquire practical scientific skills
  • To ensure pupils’ understanding of the relevance of what they are learning
  • To build pupils’ specialist vocabulary
  • To develop pupils’ understanding of the international and collaborative nature of science

Science Policy


I have set up this science area to be used to keep the children up-to-date with some of the most relevant scientific developments that would be of interest to our pupils' curious and inquisitive minds. I will endeavour to post science-related stories at least once a month so do please keep checking back.

In addition, I will also be using this area to advertise and report on scientific events that happen in school e.g. workshops, science experiments in class so watch this space...

With the imminent arrival of longer days and warmer weather, we also plan to return our live internet stream from our bird box and our bird feeders too.

Mrs Connor, Owls

Mrs S Connor

Science Subject Leader

What is exciting in the world of science at the moment ?

November 2018 - coming soon

Fizz Pop Science Club

Fizz Pop Science Club will be starting again in Term 3 2018-2019 for our Year 1 and 2 pupils on Thursdays after school. More information to follow towards the end of Term 2. 

Mrs Connor, Science Subject Leader


What the children said...

I enjoyed making the sherbert, because it was a sweet and we could eat it.


My favourite thing was when we made the slime because it was sticky


I liked making sounds with the light saber things


I enjoyed the sight thing best, the optical illusions, it looked like it was moving