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Enjoy, Learn, Aspire



We are very proud of our school and we pride ourselves on providing a learning environment where children grow and develop in safe and supportive surroundings becoming 'creative thinkers and lifelong learners’.

Here are just a few examples of what parents, pupils and visitors are saying about Meopham Community Academy.


What Our Pupils Say...

  • Teachers care about us and make sure we have what we need.
  • We learn new things every day. 
  • We are taught to be self confident; we are listened to and encouraged to be successful learners.
  • We learn how to be healthy and persevere
  • Teachers and children are friendly and “we love being at school”
  • Everyone is really welcoming when you are new to the school
  • We have lots of area and lovely spaces to play in
  • Children are taught well – we learn a lot
  • We are proud of our school and enjoy coming every day
  • House Points and Attendance rewards are really good

Parent Tours 2019


  • Thank you for explaining the admissions process - none of the other schools did or could answer questions about it. Excellent tour by the children in Y6. Very clear and you should be really proud of them all.
  • The Year 6 children were lovely and just impressed with the confidence they portray and the caring nature towards their younger pupil friends. Thank you for a lovely tour.
  • Thank you to the children for a very clear tour of their school. Out of the 5 schools visited, it has been the most informative, especially around the admissions process. The children seem happy in their environment. 
  • the open day was very informative, you're the only school to have briefed me on the application process.
  • doing the tour first then Q&A after works well.
  • I had a personalised tour by 2 children who did brilliantly and were very positive and complimentary about their time here.
  • overall I have a very good impression of the school!
  • Fantastic view of the school...Very impressed with the Reception set up and the outside space. Informative presentation...thank you.


Year Group Open Afternoons 2019


  • A really great idea!! - lovely to see the children's work and classroom. A very nice welcome today! + 100% brilliant idea!! Year 1 parent
  • Lovely afternoon sharing my child's learning. really enjoyed the buzz and bustle of shared learning! A really positive experience - thank you!

    Year 5 parent

  • A great idea for parents to be able to come in to the heart of the class and participate in a lesson and look at books. I wasn't able to attend parents evening so it was a good opportunity to me to see my child's books. 

    Year 6 parent

  • Excellent afternoon, staff friendly and helpful as always.

Year 2 parent

  • I had a great afternoon; it was lovely to see the children so proud of their work. Thank you.

Year 4 parent

  • It was nice for the children to be able to show us their work in the class environment. I think the children are very proud of what they achieve at school and this gives parents and children time to really focus on that and praise them.  

Year 4 parent

  • Really enjoyed visiting the class, seeing the working environment, letting our son explain his work to us. He seemed very proud to show us his books and how much he does in class. really enjoyed the afternoon. Thank you.

    Year 4 parent

  • A very informative afternoon. It's great to see their work, read their books and see the work up around the classroom. Great preparation for the parent consultations coming up soon. Thank you.
  • Year 4 parent

  • Lovely to be here, thank you for the time and effort.

    Year 6 parent

School Website

  • The new website looks great and has so much useful information. It is very easy to navigate around and find what you are looking for.

Parent of Year 2 and Year 4 pupils

  • The website looks great. So much better and much more informative. Easy to navigate and the galleries are especially good.

Parent of Year R and Year 3 pupils

  • The website is easy to use, well set out and very informative.

Parent of Year 5 pupil


  • The new website looks modern and it is child-friendly too.

Parent of Year 3 pupil


  • I think the new website is great! There is lots of information and it's so nice to see lots of pictures of happy children.

Parent of Year 3 pupil


  • I like the quick access to term dates - much clearer to find. Looks great.



  • It's really clear, fresh, informative, colourful and personal to the children. Love it!



  • It's fantastic, everything is there and very easy to use.