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Pupil Council

What is the Pupil Council?

The Pupil Council is an important and integral part of school life at Meopham Community Academy. By allowing our children to express their views and have their opinions heard, we make sure that all children:

  • have a voice in school matters and feel able to contribute their ideas
  • are actively involved in their education
  • have an opportunity to discuss their thoughts and feelings


When do they meet?

  • We have our meetings once a month and they fit around the school timetable
  • They usually last 30 minutes, depending on number of items on the agenda;
  • All the representatives attend as well our teaching staff Pupil Council coordinator as an advisory member;
  • The minutes of each meeting are then published on the school’s SharePoint in order that the wider school community can keep up to date with the achievements of the Pupil Council.;


What has the pupil council achieved in the past?

  • Secured new play equipment for the playgrounds;
  • Helped appoint new teaching staff through interviewing and feedback to our Senior Leadership Team and
  • Suggested fun and exciting ideas for school fundraising.


Who are the members?

  • We have two representatives per class on our Pupil Council. These representatives are elected each year by their classmates.
  • All candidates put forward for election have to give a short speech about why their class mates should vote for them and what they will do if they are elected.
  • We elect two secondary (reserve) representatives in case of absence.


What are the responsibilities of Pupil Council?

The Class Representatives:

  • Collect views of pupils from your classroom and the playground
  • Attend meetings, turn up on time and be interested 
  • Lead discussions in your classrooms, to collect your class’s views and opinions  
  • Note down ideas and suggestions of your class and record in the Pupil Council notebook 
  • Look after the notebook 
  • Report everyone’s ideas and opinions, even if they are not your own  
  • Feedback results of Pupil Council meetings to your class (ask your teacher for a time to do this)  
  • Wear your badge with pride, so people know that you are a representative of the Pupil Council