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Perplexed by possessive pronouns and prepositions? Read on…

Flummoxed by fronted adverbials and phrases? Perplexed by possessive pronouns and prepositions? Angered by articles and abstract nouns? Then worry no more as we give you 'The Ultimate Guide to Grammar for puils and parents' .


This easy-to-follow guide simplifies and explains the National Curriculum grammar terms used (and tested) in each year group in primary schools. As a parent, this guide will be useful when your child brings home their homework and asks you what a relative pronoun is! You can use our essential guide to help your child become familiar with terms such as ambiguity, subordinate clause and modal verb.

We have given you this guide so you can read and digest over the summer holidays and get to grips with grammar; you never know, you may find you learn something new yourself!

The grammar guide can be found in our English Area.


Now find and underline all of the determiners in this article.